The Internship Process Guide

Which are the available internship locations

Their are multiple available locations India, United States and Qator, the selected candidates will be asked to choose the preferred location.

Application of international students

International students can also apply, The flight charges will be given by us, to the selected candidates.

Payment to the Interns

The interns will receive b/w $1000 to $ 1500 as per the performance during internship, for the period of 45 Days.

What will be the selection process

The selection process will have following 5 rounds:-

  1. An Online Quiz at your most favorite programming language.
  2. Discussion on your projects through linkedin Chat.
  3. Solve a real life problem given by us (within 5 days).
  4. Phone Interview with our company employee.
  5. Interview at our office.

Who Can Apply for the internship

Anyone From BTECH( ECE and CSE) or MBA can apply for the internship.

What If i have any other query

You may have a lot of other queries, if you do have, you can contact us at +91-8627920831

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